Laborinformationsmanagementsystem (LIMS)


Our Expertise for Your Objectives – your experts in LIMS (laboratory-information-management-system)


LABS/Q LIMS has been continuously developed based on our valued customers input, upcoming regulatory requirements and growing IT demands since 1986. More than 300 mid-size and large-scale national and multinational companies worldwide rely on our laboratory information and management system LABS/Q LIMS and use it most often as the central platform for R&D, in-process control, QA/QC, hygiene monitoring and environmental protection.


As a robust and highly flexible laboratory-information-management-system our LABS/Q LIMS has become a standard especially in the so-called process industry (pharma & biotech, chemical & petrochemical, food and beverage, cosmetics, automotive, etc.) and related contract laboratories, but it is also widely used in public laboratories mainly due to the easiness in industry-specific orientation and the high degree of automation.


Benefit from our long-lasting LIMS expertise to meet your goals in the lab. LABS/Q LIMS helps you to map your processes and workflows in a highly reliable and professional manner and with a maximum degree of automation, thus saving your time and costs.


With LABS/Q we offer a unique and highly integrated LIMS platform serving as an inter- & cross-functional solution for small, mid-sized and large scale laboratories belonging to different industry sectors.

Labor-Informations-Management-System mit branchenspezifischer Ausrichtung


Every industry sector, every customer and even every laboratory has individual requirements, which at first glance cannot be fulfilled by a standard off-the-shelf solution. However, because of the easiness to modify LABS/Q LIMS by means of configuration and customization, and its consistent modular structure already the standard edition may cover a minimum of 95% of our customers' requirements.


LABS/Q LIMS reporting capabilities

The built-in reporting module of LABS/Q LIMS already provides all necessary tools for generating, displaying, printing, faxing, emailing and editing of reports. More than 250 templates for reports, sample labels, certificates etc. are delivered with the standard edition of our laboratory-information-management-system and help to establish a rapid information flow from the beginning on.


  • Open Report Tool Interface 
  • Built-in interface to Crystal Reports, Jasper Reports, FreeEdit
  • > 250 predefined templates for report, certificates & sample labels
  • Automated report generation
  • Event-triggered report generation
  • Barcode and RFID support


Statistics and Control Chart Module for Result Evaluation

The standard solution of LABS/Q LIMS includes a graphical and statistical evaluation module for detailed and comprehensive analysis and visualization of analytical results. It covers a wide range of evaluation features like control chart functionality, run tests, statistical trend and outlier tests, moving averages, stability data pooling and shelf life trending and estimation according to the ICH guideline. 


Document Management System (DMS) integrated in the LIMS

The laboratory-information-management-system LABS/Q includes a completely integrated document management system (DMS) which is a strong tool for handling all your documents and attachments arround your LIMS. By this means, the integrated DMS helps you on your way to a paperless laboratory. The DMS tool includes support in administration of SOP doucments, archiving of raw data with support of the AnIML standard, full text search and various additional features. Use our LIMS-DMS solution to manage and archive your documents!


Additionaly the DMS serves as a central storage for raw data and can be used as a long-term archiving tool for raw data. Special built-in viewers allow to review data even without having the need to laoding these data into the original software. A unique functionality empowered by the new ANIMAL standard.


Modular Concept for Unrivaled Functionality

LABS/Q LIMS has been successfully established in various business areas like R&D, Production, QA/QC, Environment Protection & Hygiene Monitoring. Our customers arise from diverse industry branches: Chemistry/Petrochemistry, Pharma/Biotech, Automotive and the Food industry, just to mention a few of them.

The consequent modular structure of the LIMS brings functionality on demand and helps to save your money. The following function-specific modules are availabel to expand LIMS functionality: 

  • DoE-based optimization of chemical synthesis and galenic formulation development 
  • Analytical equipment and control types inventory
  • Stability & shelf-live studies 
  • Environment protection & hygiene monitoring
  • OOS management, actions and measures
  • Method validation
  • Raw data storage & long-term archive (ANIML)
  • SDMS
  • ELN
  • Chromatography data system



Automation is the key for increasing laboratory and overall buisness efficency. Special interfaces to laboratory instruments and business-relevant software layers help not only to automate worklows but also to avoid manual action and errors that may come up with it.


  • Unidirectional interfaces for simple laboratory devices
  • Bidirectional interfaces for complex instruments or control software
  • Bidirectional interfacees to laboratory software (CDS, ELN, SDMS)
  • Bidirectional interfaces to enterprise-relevant software systems (SAP, MES, PLS)



LIMS Lösung für Prozessindustrien

Our LABS/Q LIMS Architecture fits to Your Infrastructure

  • 3-Tier-System: Database, application, GUI
    - Single-server solution up to completely distributed setup
    - Zero-footprint client installation
  • Executable inside & outside the Internet Browser
    - same functionality
    - same look & feel
  • Customizable GUI
    - Alterable, easy to customize
  • Independent of OS
    - Windows Server, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, Unix, Apple OSX
  • Independent of Database Provider
    - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server


Scalability of LABS/Q LIMS 

  • Cost-effective concurrent user concept
  • Scales easily from single users up to an unlimited number of users
  • Multi-language support (German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese... any other language)
  • Multi-tenancy support


Integration of LABS/Q LIMS into the Enterprise IT Environment 

  • Supports Clustering
  • Supports Distributed Applications
    - Citrix Presentation Server, Xen App Server
    - Microsoft Terminal Server
  • Supports Virtualization
    - VMWare ESX
    - Microsoft Hyper-V

Certified Quality of our LABS/Q LIMS for Your Laboratory

  • System developed according to and in compliance with the GAMP guideline, GxP relevant standards and DIN ISO 9001
  • Easy customizing by means of configuration
    -Modifiying workflow WITHOUT modification of core  
  • Customizing possible at any time, taking into account the V Model for software development (GAMP)
  • Benefit: a valid system status is preserved, audit-save 
Zoom Dashboard Configurable & Interactiv
Zoom Result Entry
Zoom Result Entry by Matrix
Zoom Stability & Shelf-Live Studies
Zoom Instrument & Calibration Inventory
Zoom Workflow
  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    Stability and Shelf-Live Studies

    The stability module is integrated into LABS/Q LIMS in such a way that it perfectly supports the complete cycle of a stability project in every phase.

  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    Instrument & Calibration Inventory

    Centralized management for the complete analytical test equipment.

  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    Environment Control & Hygiene Monitoring

    To protect the environment and your employees.

  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    Actions & Measures (OOS & OOT)

    Actions and measures within the framework of ISO 9000, and many more.

  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    Interfaces to Analytical Intruments and Software

    Interfaces help to avoid errors resulting from manual typing, make double checks obsolete and support you in establishing paperless lab.

  • LABS/Q LIMS Module

    App for Mobile Result Entry for Android Tablet PCs & Smartphones and Apple iPads & iPhones

    Mobile capturing of results has never been easier - a significant contribution to lab automation and paperless lab!



Method Validation

LABS/Q and VALIDAT - a powerful team providing a unique and highly automated validation workflow for your analytical methods.

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Chromatography Data System

LABS/Q LIMS and OpenLAB CDS - the perfect combination in your GC & LC laboratory.

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Scientific Data Management System

Document and raw data management & archiving - standalone or in combination with LABS/Q LIMS or OpenLAB CDS.

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Cryogenic Sample Management

Sample management for deep-frozen samples with full RFID and Barcode support - standalone or in combination with LABS/Q LIMS.

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