VALIDAT 2006 SR-1 Patch 1 (Build 1568)

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VALIDAT 2006 SR-1 Patch 1 (Build 1568)

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VALIDAT 2006 SR-1 Patch 1 (Build 1568) has been released on 28-Mar-2007

Change List

P201K-2: Problems with locked templates

Templates remain locked in the file system/on the database server after usage in the template wizard.

P201K-5: Wrong user right for template wizard is used

When the template wizard is opened the user right for “ Assistant for new validation” is checked.

P201K-6: Wrong input field validation in user management

The fields ”Password expiry” and ”Automatic logout” can contain illegal inputs (e.g. 100) which are accepted the first time and rejected the second time the dialog is used. It is then impossible to change the values.

P201K-7: Recurring requests to change passwords

If passwords expire due to ”password expiry” the dialog requesting the user to change his password appears every time the program is started.

P201K-8: Duplicate names for acceptance variables in LOD/Q according to ICH

The file textvars.ini holds variable definitions for acceptance comments. Some variable names were used twice which results in missing result values in the acceptance comment.

P201K-11: Want: no info window with shift key

When holding down the shift key while moving about checkpoints in the tree view, a small info window is displayed. It was requested to disable this functionality.

P201-288: Problem with page numbers in report

When the DMS updates page numbers in a report without a ”global header”, the page number is inserted at a random position at the bottom of the report.

P201-273: No results in report of ring experiment / intermediate precision with identical values

If all values of a series in intermediate precision are identical, reporting is aborted with a ”division by zero” error which occurs in the Shapiro-Wilk test on normal distribution. The problem also applies to checkpoints precision and biological assay analysis.

P201-275: Wrong result in test for normal distribution in ring experiment

In checkpoint ring experiment the wrong result of the Shapiro-Wilk test is displayed in the table (yes/no).

P201-90: Internal ”out of memory” when using large attachements

It is not possible to insert (very) large attachements.
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