Unique Sample Management for Frozen Samples

FreezerPro is the leading software for frozen sample management indispensable to any modern lab, whether scientific or pharmaceutical.


FreezerPro is an intuitive, fast, reliable and secure Web-based application that has a visually appealing interface which enables users to know precisely where a frozen sample is located even before opening the freezer door. Popular features include automatic alerts of low number of sample aliquots, sample expiration date, sample volume or freeze-thaw count along with powerful reporting.


Independently validated and certified to be fully compliant with the FDAs current GLP/GMP requirements FreezerPro takes laboratory record management to the highest level of productivity!


And even more: in combination with Radio-frequency identification (RFID) instant inventory is no longer a dream but has become true.


Integration of FreezerPro into LABS/Q LIMS is another option that helps you to increase productivity of your lab.

Instant Sample Tracking & Inventory

Use of barcode and RFID in particular facilitates the entire process of cryogenic sample management. For both techniques individually enabling high-grade automation of cryo-sample management we offer complete kits.


The FreezerPro RFID Kit includes:

  • FreezerPro Enterprise Edition
  • 1000 Cryo-save RFID sample labels
  • 1 Zebra RFID printer
  • 1 Impinj Sepeedway Revolution RFID reader
  • 2 RFID antennas


Instant Sample Tracking & Inventory todayhas become already reality!