Pipette Calibration and Testing Software

Keeps your pipettes in a reliable state

Pipettes are the most important volumetric equipment in the laboratory. Success or failure of an experiment often depends on the accuracy and precision of pipetted volumes, particularly with multistep protocols where error can be magnified. In that case accurate and precise pipetting is essential.

Periodic testing or even testing before the use of a pipette prevents unnecessary experimental failure due to erroneous pipetting. Aside from that, each GxP compliant laboratory needs accurate documentation to demonstrate routine pipette checks and additional release checks after re-calibration and repair. Accurate weighing data need to be corrected with environment parameters (temperature, air pressure and humidity) and are the basis of gravimetric pipette testing.


Check&Track improves the efficiency of these time consuming checks with its automated capture of weighing data.    


Gained in Practise for use in Practise

Check&Track has been developed by professionals according to the requirements in a GxP testing facility where daily routine demands rapid but accurate results. Check&Track meets stringent quality system requirements.

Its clear cut design, free from non-essential features, also encourages researchers to get their pipettes periodically checked!


Safety and Compliance

Check&Track is a flexible software that organizes checking of pipettes in different laboratories, departments and facilities. Data collected allows operators and managers to monitor history, decide whether a pipette meets the specification and to issue certificates. In addition, Check&Track® can store pipette check schedules, monitor checking deadlines and inform responsible operators before the next due date. Moreover, the software keeps records of balance calibration data and schedules for next service.


Saves Time up to 70%

Reduce time consuming administration like repetitive definition of methods, checking intervals, pipette specifications, recording of data, creation of release certificates and much more – all that is managed by Check&Track.  


Saves Money

External checking of your pipettes includes investments in redundant pipettes and increasing shipping costs. External checking and re-calibration does not replace in-house release. With Check&Track the decision to calibrate and/or repair a pipette is in your hands. This helps to minimize maintenance costs.