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Our expertise and the right choice of software from our portfolio for the best software solution for your lab and your success in business.

iCD. has been a leader in outstanding laboratory software solutions and related consulting services since 1986. Worldwide more than 300 large-scale and mid-sized companies of different industry branches rely on our software products. Trust in our expertise too!

We support you in every phase of the project. This allows you to establish the ever best possible solution with our products and to succeed in your business.

Enterprise LIMS


The Modifiable Off-the-Shelf LIMS

Since more than 20 years LABS/Q LIMS provides you the perfect platform for a highly integrated and automated lab.

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Method Validation Software


The world-leading software tool for method validation

VALIDAT simplifies the time-consuming process of method validation according to ICH/USP/FDA/ISO/DIN and helps you to save a considerable amount of your time and money.

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Process and Product Optimization (DoE)


Optimization of synthesis and recipes - from research up to the pilot plant

The Recipe Information and Management System (RIMS) assists you during the complete process of planing and execution of product development.

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SAP Middleware


SAP Middleware

Middleware to interface SAP QM with analytical instruments and to establish paperless lab.

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Chromatography Data System (CDS)



Rely on the world-leading software solution OpenLAB CDS in your chromatographic analysis on LC, GC, CE. SFC, LC-MS, GC-MS and CE-MS.

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Scientific Data Management System (DMS)


The standard in scientific DMS

OpenLAB ECM helps you to manage all raw data and documents and to extract important information for your decisions.

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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)


ELN for general research, synthetic and analytical chemistry, and biology

OpenLAB ELN replaces paper-based documentation and simplifies and accelerates management of scientific information without restriction.

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LIMS for Contract Labs

Sample Master LIMS

Special LIMS for contract labs

Sample Master is specifically developed for the requirements of small to mid-size contract labs dealing with water/waste water and environmental analysis.

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Sample Management for Freezers and Refridgerators


Sample management powered by RFID or barcode

Freezerpro is the world-class software solution for management of frozen samples and indispensable for modern scientific or pharmaceutical labs.

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Genomic Sequence Analysis


For next-gen sequencing, pipelined microarray analysis and gen comparisons.

SeqNFind is a revolutionary hardware / software tool for state-of-the-art genomic sequence analysis.

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