Research & Development in Chem & Petrochem

With LABS/Q LIMS Chem & Petrochem companies can perform R&D work on the same platform as for production, QA/QC and environmental control. The R&D-specific module allows to setup projects for the optimization of chemical synthesis or recipes and related process steps on the basis of a statistical approach (DoE) - and from the bentop up to the pilot plant, e.g. from milligrams up to kilograms ior even tons of a product. For more details about this unique R&D module please visit LABS/R.

Production in Chem & Petrochem

The entire workflow of production of intermediates or final products requires continuous control in order to maintaining product quality. Therefore inspection orders may be imported from the leading ERP system or generated manually within LABS/Q LIMS. Based on the information provided and according to the rules defined in the related master data set IPC-related inspection orders specific for sampling points or operations, as well as inspections for the final release are generated. Backtracking and traceability down to the raw material used is ensured throughout. Likewise, packaging and creation of customer-specific certificates at delivery is supported. The results and usage decisions can be transferred to the ERP system, or reviewed from the production site inside LABS/Q LIMS.

Quality Control in Chem & Petrochem

LABS/Q LIMS in Chem & Petrochem companies is primarily used for the management and documentation of all laboratory tests in the context of quality testing of incoming goods through all intermediate stages up to the delivery of lots or batches of the good produced. The required test orders can be generated automatically and may result from the download of the inspection request from the leading ERP system, or on a scheduled basis as predefined in the master data set. Registered results, whether keyed-in manually or imported via interfaces from the analytical instrument are automatically evaluated against a set of limits. Extensive graphical evaluation of results and any kind of reports are available to the laboratory management and provide a basis for subsequent approvals and usage decisions.

Environmental Control & Hygiene Monitoring in Chem & Petrochem

In addition to laboratory tests for quality monitoring LABS/Q LIMS is also used for environmental protection. Here, additional requirements have to be fulfilled and provided from the LIMS. Examples are the project development and planning of inspection tasks (e.g. sewage treatment plant monitoring) and the flexible generation of inspection orders on the basis of inspection packages (e.g. according to Drinking Water Regulation (TVO) group A).