Production in Automotive

The necessary flow of information from production to quality control and vice versa in LABS/Q LIMS is considered in many places. Production orders may be imported from ERP systems via specific interfaces and IPC-related inspection orders automatically generated specifically for sampling sites or operations, as well as for inspections and release of the final good according to the rules defined in the related master data set. For batches a complete backtracking until the raw material used with full traceability is ensured throughout. Likewise, packaging and creation of customer-specific certificates at delivery is supported. The results and usage decisions can be transferred to the ERP system, or reviewed from the production site inside LABS/Q LIMS.

Quality Control in Automotive

Tests of goods received, intermediates or end products in the context of quality control are at the core part of LABS/Q LIMS. Moreover, also additional requirements such as R&D, environment control or hygiene monitoring are optimally covered from the LIMS. With the certificate management it is possible to deliver inspection results or certificates to the customer as agreed, supplied either on paper, electronically (Email, fax) or via a Web portal and containing selected information for the customer.