Trainings 1/2018

Training session 1st half of year 2018


DTool Design Editor

February, 05th/06th

LABS/Q® Testing Equipment Management

February, 07th

LABS/Q® Stability Test

February, 08th

LABS/Q® Environmental Protection

February, 09th

VALIDAT – Basics in Statistics

February, 26th

VALIDAT – Basics

February, 27th

VALIDAT – Reporting

February, 28th

VALIDAT – Administration

March, 01st

LABS/Q® Basics

March, 13th-15th

LABS/Q®Modul "Control Reports" and Jasper Report V4.2

March, 19th/20th

LABS/Q® Evalution / auto. reporting with LABS/Q®

March, 21st

LABS/Q® Certificates

March, 22nd

LABS/Q® System Management*

April, 16th-19th

OOS - Actions and Measures

April, 20th

Interfaces LABS/Q®

April, 24th/25th

Interfaces LABS/Q® into SAP

April, 26th/27th


Training sessions at the first day start at  9 AM and end at 5 PM.
* This training on the first day starts only at 12 AM, and ends at 5 PM at the last day.


All trainings will be performed in the iCD. headquarter in Frechen.


Registration will be accepted following the order of receipt. If a training session is already completely booked, you will be immediately notified and informed about the next date available.


Cancelation of registered participants is only possible upon written message. In receipt of the cancelation up to 5 days before regular start of the training a service fee of 50,00 Euro per participant will be applied. In case of a later cancelation the full training fee will have to be paid.  


iCD. reserves the right to cancel a training course up to at least one week before the regular start in case of an insufficient number of participants.


For hotel bookings please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you.


If your preferred training session is not listed, or for any other questions about the trainings please contact our headquarter at