Accessing the Error Tracking System




For managing errors and bugs of the LABS software suite the project management system projectile of iCD. is used for.  Please follow this link to start projectile


Projectile 1

Login: same user name and password as before.


Tracking of reported incidents

After loggin into projectile click 'product management' on the left side (1) and follow subitem 'main component' (2) thereafter.


Project numbers the user is authorized for are displayed for entering and tracking of messages (3).


Projectile 2


The component is openened and the list of messages displayed by selecting the requested project number (clicking of the data record). Details to messages are displayed following selction of a specific message.


Entry of new mesages

When following product management / fast entry (1) a specific mask is displayed where information can be filled in for the message to be entered. The following details have to be keyed in at least for the name of the error (2) to be entered:


-      Name (Free text field)

-      Longtext (Free text field)

-      Type (Dropbox)

-      Priority (Dropbox)

-      Component (Dropbox), please confirm by clicking green checkmark


This action can be closed and posted by selction of the button 'Approve and Save' at the bottom of the mask (3).


Projectile 3


In order to save the message successfully all information details requested and highlighted in red color have to be entered. If not complete information on the missing detail will appear at the upper part of the mask when trying to save the message. After successfully entering all details a confirmation and the specific number the error message is saved within, and can be retrieved from the error tracking system will also appear at the upper part of the mask. At the same time a message is sent to the developer responsible for this component.


If you want to enclose screenshots, trace files or other any information in file format, you can directly navigate to from the ‘Fast Entry’ part by clicking on the reported error number after saving of the record.


Projectile 5


If you want to attach files later on please navigate through the main component to the inserted error message. Here, in the button bar above the mask click the last button (Tooltip: files) to open the dialogue.


Projectile 6

Projectile 7


Clicking the button will open a window that allows you to upload files. Click here to ‘Files’ (1), followed by the ‘Browse’ function (2) and select one or more desired file (s), and start the upload by clicking on the appropriate button (3). After completion of the upload, the file attachment dialog is displayed again with the attached files. Also a message for the successful upload is shown.


Please sign out by using the specific button of the button bar above the mask after having completed work in Projectile. 


You can request support in case of problems by simply clicking the ‘Support’ button from the login screen.