Raw data management & long-term archiving

LABS/Q LIMS provides not only the possibility to save and archive documents and attachments to a result in any format in the incorporated DMS but also to saving and archiving of raw data from analytical instruments over a long period of time including the possibility to re-opening and visualization of raw data, metadata and results. Raw data therefore are converted into an AnIML-specific format and saved in the DMS as result-specific attachment. Raw data can be visualized and reviewed in detail in a built-in AnIML viewer even after a long period of time and without having the need to load these data into the original software. Again a veritable contribution to saving of costs and resources and establishing of the paperless lab approach since neither the original software including computer has to be virtualized and kept alive over 15 or more years nor the customer is forced to move back to a non-contemporary paper-based archiving technique!


The AnIML format provides the following advantages:


  • Open XML format
    • Independent of vendor / supplier
  • Same format for all analytical techniques
  • Simple extensibility without negative effect on compatibility
  • Human-readable format
    • No computer & software must made available
  • Visualizing of even complex workflows
  • Facilitates data exchange
  • Technique-overlapping result evaluation
  • Complies to regulatory standards
    • Audit-trail, digital signature (W3C XML), validation


AnIML converters and therefore the possibility to archive raw data over a long period of time as of today are available for more than 200 analytical instruments of different vendors. Additional converters for your instruments can be developed at any time.   

Thermo Chromeleon UV-VIS AnIML

Agilent GC-MS AnIML

Agilent GC-MS_2 AnIML

Agilent GC-MS_3 AnIML