Interfacing laboratory instruments with LABS/Q LIMS


With the data-collector of our Austrian partner Bartelt GmbH we now can offer a solution that allows you to connect any analytical instrument to one of the software products belonging to the LABS software suite. The data-collector is a ‘all in the box’ solution and equipped with an onboard computer running Linux as OS, and providing all necessary interfaces (RS232, LAN) to interface instruments. Additionally it provides the complete software framework for generation of new interfaces, control drivers or parsers used for instrument communication and retrieving of results. Results in a first step are kept within the software framework and can easily be accessed from the Internet browser. Here it offers the possibility to sort and filter data, and finally export them to LABS/Q LIMS or the LABS/QM SAP Middleware. Export to MS-Excel, Open Office, as CSV file, HTML, HL7 or if requested into any proprietary format is also possible and supported by the data-collector.     

data-collector AIM1

rack version of the data-collector


data-collector klein

desktop version of the data-collector


Web Service data-collector

Web service: data export