Announcement: LABS Graphic 5.0

LABS Graphic is the graphical and statistical evaluation tool for analysing all measurement results collected in your LABS/Q LIMS.

The new LABS Graphic version 5.0 offers a wide range of additional evaluation features and cutting tools. With LABS Graphic 5.0 you will be able to refine, visualize and analyse your result data in a very easy and flexible way. Here we just mention a few highlights of these powerful new features:


  • Control charts with user-defined previous period statistics
  • Statistical characteristics of grouped series
  • F Test, comparing variances and co-variance analysis
  • Shelf-life estimation for stability data according to ICH guideline
  • Trend evaluation of accelerated testing (based on Arrhenius kinetics)
  • Plotting weekly, monthly and annual averages of result data
  • Arranging user-defined couples or groups of series  using Drag&Drop
  • Defining and analysing segments of the result series


LABS graphic