Accelerated Technology Laboratories Inc.

Accelerated Technology Laboratories (ATL) is a leading provider of LIMS and genomic sequence analysis solutions with its principal in West End, NC, USA. ATL is exclusive sales and implementation partner of iCD. in North America (USA, Canada)



iCD. is exclusive sales and implementation partner for ATL’s products Sample Master LIMS, Titan LIMS ERP and SeqNFind for genomic sequence analysis in Europe.

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Agilent Technologies Inc.

Agilent Technologies is the world’s premier measurement company and offers as one of the leading suppliers complete hard- and software solutions for any laboratory belonging to the Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis market.



 iCD. as Agilent informatics partner can offer Agilent's entire OpenLAB OpenLAB suite with OpenLAB ECM, OpenLAB CDS and OpenLAB ELN, as well as appropriate services for its customers.

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Bartelt GmbH

Bartelt GmbH is an Austrian family-owned enterprise with its headquarter in Graz and can offer as a service provider a broad portfolio, ranging from laboratory equipment over chemicals, glass technology, process technique and related service up to software for laboratories. As a software house Bartelt is developing the datalabX for more than 20 years now, a special LIMS for hospital laboratories, and serves as your competent partner for our products in Austria and Hungary.


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BSSN Software GmbH

BSSN Software GmbH is a German software company headquartered in Darmstadt significantly involved in the development and introduction of the new AnIML standard, and represented on the global market with its products Seahorse Scientfic Workbench, Seahorse Web Edition, SciPDF, Bioprocess Manager und Contract Research Manager.



iCD. and BSSN and have agreed to integrate Seahorse Scientfic Workbench components into the products belonging to the LABS suite.

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RuRo Inc.

RuRo is a US-based software company with its principal in Frederick, Maryland, and specilalized in the development of state-of-the-art software and RFID solutions for research, biotechnology, pharma, the health sector and governmental laboratories.



iCD. offers RuRo’s FreezerPro software for cryogenic sample management in Europe. 

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